Privacy Policy

Website Main Features and Functions

Top Ten Lists of various categories that may include: entertainment, movies, music, sports, world issues, religion, science, technology etc.

Commenting/Discussion Section where readers, visitors and users can engage in debates and discussions about a certain article or topic featured in the site.

Suggestion Page where the users can post the kind of articles and top ten lists that they want to be posted.

Links from other sites are also richly embedded in all of the featured articles herein, to prove the validity and authenticity of the information written. The users should understand of course, that the authors of Spectalist are not responsible anymore about how those linked websites may utilize the information they may provide there.

In order to avail such features Spectalist may gather certain information about its users/readers that may include e-mail addresses, IP addresses, social network profiles, etc. Such data is kept for the purpose of the following:

Advertising – like any other site, this one also thrives on generating revenue through ads.

Monitoring traffic – for analyzing the number of visitors/users the site accumulates

Content commenting – letting the users express their views and interact with the authors and other readers.

Contacting the user – the site encourages visitors to submit their own articles and ideas and if they do so, a clear and transparent transaction is needed.

Target Audience

Because the site may feature content that may not be suitable for very young children, Spectalist readership is bracketed at the ages of 13 and above. Concerned parents should be wise enough to utilize the security features used in today’s web browsers that encourage information filtering and restriction so that unwanted information may not be viewed.

Content Submission/Publishing

Should a regular visitor wish to have an article of his own writing be published in Spectalist, the authors would gladly grant such a wish under the conditions of course, that the article is an original writeup, and that it conforms to the established pattern of the site’s content and format. Once an article has been reviewed and edited by the authors, it will be posted and featured in the site. Although Spectalist offers no monetary payment of any kind (for the time being at least) anyone who can successfully come up with an article worthy of submission and posting here may be given with the reward of having his/her own website or blog if any, promoted here within Spectalist.

As a very young website created by novice authors, Spectalist is currently on its experimental phase. Over the course of the next years or months, and also due to the ever-changing nature of the internet and the whole computer industry for that matter, the site could undergo a series of re-inventions and modifications, which could also lead to the re-writing of this policy documentation.