Most Wicked Mob Boss


Time Magazine calls them the most notorious gangsters of the century. This makes them nasty and bad by default. But if you were to gauge their levels as such, who do you think will be the baddest of the bad? Who among them is the most wicked crime syndicate leader?

Semion Mogilevich

moglivechThe governments of Europe and America acknowledge him to be the boss of all bosses of The Russian Mafia Syndicates. Linked with weapons trafficking, contract murders, extortion, drug trafficking, and prostitution on an international scale and on a manner that’s never been witnessed before, Mogilevich was described by the FBI as “the most dangerous mobster in the world.” In spite of the heavy charges however, he still lives freely in Moscow – living the life of an untouchable that make other mobsters looked in awe and envy.
Born: June 30, 1946
From: Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Nationality: Ukrainian, Russian
Aliases: Seva Moguilevich, Sergei Yurevich Schnaider
Occupation: organized crime, confidence trickster, and economist


Al Capone

caponeWith his generosity and well-known public persona, Capone is perhaps the most popular gangster of the 21st century, if not in the whole of crime syndication. Known for his unequaled ruthlessness and brutality, putting him behind bars proved to be difficult since he often gets the help and protection of some of his townspeople who refer to him as some sort of ‘modern-day Robin-Hood.’ Where guns and fists failed however, he still didn’t manage to outwit the threats of his physical body when he died of cardiac arrest during the waning days of his criminal rule.
Born: January 17, 1899
From: New York, USA
Died: January 25, 1947 (aged 48)
Nationality: American
Aliases: Scarface, Big Al, Big Boy, Public Enemy No.1
Occupation: Gangster, bootlegger, racketeer, boss of Chicago Outfit


Charles Luciano

lucianoAn early starter in the crime business, he was able to form his own gang when he was still a teenager. With a 10-cent fee a week from members of the Jewish-Italian communities that we was protecting back then, he rose to prominence, within the level of other well-known crime lords, Giuseppe Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano. How he got his nickname ‘Lucky‘ is not really known. What’s known so far is that he is lucky engouh to evade dying from guns and violence but not so lucky when his heart ailment kicked in, and brought him to his death.
Born: November 24, 1897
Died: January 26, 1962 (aged 64)
Nationality: Sicilian-American
From: Lercara Friddi, Sicily, Italy
Alias: Lucky
Occupation: Crime boss, gangster, bootlegger


Pablo Escobar

escobarWith a net worth of $30 Billion during the late 90’s, he was declared as one of the richest men in the world by that time, which also gives him the label ‘the wealthiest criminal in history.’ He got such dirty money by smuggling a very huge part of the cocaine supply into the US, amounting into approximately 80% in all. With Colombia becoming the murder capital in the world, he became the number 1 target of the authorities which ultimately brought him to his end. He was shot and killed by Colombian National Police, in his hometown, a day after his celebration of his 44th birthday.
Born: December 1, 1949
Died: December 2, 1993 (aged 44)
From: Rionegro, Colombia
Nationality: Colombian
Aliases: Don Pablo,The Godfather
Occupation: Founder and head of the Medellín Cartel


John Gotti

gottiHis life was one of the typical rags-to-riches stories that everyone can relate. Living their young lives in poverty, he and his brothers resorted into crime and they were really good at it. With their newfound power under the threat of the Gambino Crime Family at that time, he orchestrated the murder of the group’s leader which he carried out successfully. Appointing himself as the new leader of the gang, he further strengthened the empire which eventually made him one of the most powerful mobsters in America, and the most dangerous one at that. He didn’t escape the more powerful tendrils of modern mass-media however which helped him usher into his downfall and was regarded as ‘The Last Godfather.’
Born: October 27, 1940
Died: June 10, 2002 (aged 61)
From: The Bronx, New York City
Nationality: Italian-American
Aliases: The Teflon Don, Johnny Boy, Crazy Horse
Occupation: Crime boss, mobster, extortionist, racketeer


Hyasuki Machii

machiiExploiting the governmental destabilizations that took place after Word War II, Machii formed his own gang, the Tosei-kai which means “Voice of the East.” In a span of more than a decade, his group amassed a total of 1,500 members which made them one of the most notorious Yakuza factions in history. Although he also engaged in staple illegal money-making, he also ventured into tourism, entertainment, restaurants, and oil importing. He was widely believed to have helped the Korean Central Intelligence Agency kidnap then-leading Korean opposition leader Kim Dae-jung – an indication that he was cunning and crafty, as was ruthless and brilliant.
Born: 1923
Died: September 14, 2002
From: Korea
Nationality: Korean
Alias: The Ginza Tiger
Occupation: Crime Boss, Businessman, Racketeer


Tony Accardo

accardoFollowing the footsteps of the popular Al Capone, Accardo had a gradual but a rather successful career as a criminal as proven by his reign which lasted into 8 long decades. Noted by Capone as one of the most effective killers of his group, Tony became one of his most loyal and trusted soldiers on the streets – being instrumental to Capone’s success with many murdering exploits, with the Valentines Day Massacre as the most prominent. With his boss experiencing legal troubles, it was Accardo who helped the gang still rake in huge amounts of profit. He was known to be a tough and clever fighter as he continued to evade his enemies and the law for many, many years. He died of heart failure at the age of 86.
Born: April 28, 1906
Died: May 22, 1992 (aged 86)
From: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Nationality: Italian-American
Aliases: Joe Batters, Big Tuna
Occupation: Crime Boss, Street enforcer, Businessman


Salvatore Riina

riinaHe was obviously an outlaw. But what made him different in such a wicked profession is that he was the ire of not only the lawmen but also of his fellow Mafia fellows – he was known to break traditional Mafia codes: killing women and children, and civilians that have nothing to do with his dealings just so he can distract police investigations. His extreme criminal campaigns was able to reach its peak as he took advantage of the deaths of the Anti-Mafia Commissioners of his time, which resulted into a more impulsive effort to bring him down. He was a fugitive for decades until he was captured and incarcerated in a maximum-security prison cell, which became his residence right up to these times.
Born: November 15, 1930
From: Corleone, Sicily, Italy
Nationality: Italian
Other names: La Belva, The Beast, U Curtu
Occupation: Mafia Boss


Dawood Ibrahim

dawoodHis name is currently posted as number 3 on the World’s 10 Most Wanted for cheating, criminal conspiracy and running an organised crime syndicate. Believed to be in connection with Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist empire, the United States government declared Ibrahim as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist.” In spite of this infamy though, he is one of those ‘difficult to catch’ criminals since the authorities of his own people would never disclose information regarding his whereabouts. He could be easily called as a truly effective criminal since he has excellent evasive skills – document falsification, misdirection and strategic alliances which made him even more difficult to apprehend.
Born: 26 December 1955
From: Khed Ratnagiri, Bombay State, India (now Maharashtra)
Nationality: Indian
Aliases: Dahwood Bhai
Occupation: Head of D-Company Crime Syndicate, Terrorist


Xie Caiping

caipingIn the scenes of this wicked profession that’s dominated by brutal and ruthless men, there is Xie Caiping, a Chinese woman who does what the crime guys do, with a little bit of drama and love affair. Dubbed as ‘The Godmother‘ within the Chinese borders as well as in other parts of the world, she is known to have excellent reasoning skills and a very generous heart, traits that would further her notoriety and would be instrumental to her government-evading methods. She eventually got entangled with the web of the law and was sentenced to 18-years in prison.
Born: 1963
From: Chongqing, China
Nationality: Chinese
Other names: The Godmother, Mama San
Occupation: Crime Boss, Gambling Lourdes

Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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