Most Villainous Sports Hero


They are supposed to be protagonists, but their actions in the game make us view them as antagonists. Who among these athletic hunks can we declare as the ultimate bad boy in sports?

Alex Karras

alex-karrasThe very definition of bad could well be written on this guy’s face, in sports category, at least. He’s known to giving in to his rage in and out of the football field and holds little regard to coaches and people of authority. And if that’s not enough, he also had ties to organized crime due to his nasty gambling habits. He also played as a wrestler, which intensified his fondness for brawling even more.




Dave Williams

tiger-williamsFor an athlete, he wasn’t really a big guy given the fact that he was only a 190 pounder. But this didn’t prevent him from being a heavy liability whenever he is on a hockey game. He likes to skid and slide, which is quite natural, but he does it in a manner that superbly ignites the ire of other players. In terms of penalty, his mark is unbeatable. He is nicknamed as “Tiger” and there is an absolute reason for that.




Mark Vermeuelen

mark-vermeulenHe was a delinquent cricketer, which made him subject to disciplinary actions over the years. He went too far as cracking his skull literally, just to prove his bad-assery. He allegedly burned a cricket academy which he helped rebuild with his own money. But such sudden goodness didn’t seem to last long. He posted racist comments on social media which banned him from ever playing for Zimbabwe Cricket.




John Hopoate

john-hopoateHis minor foul deeds include making pranks on some athletes on the field of rugby. He is temperamental and extremely violent – punching a guy repeatedly even if that guy is already unconscious, and attacking a 14-year old boy just because of the youngster’s slow movement. Such series of actions ended his rugby career which started another career in boxing, which obviously suits him better.




Dennis Rodman

dennis-rodmanHe was one of the very best rebounders in NBA history. Unfortunately though, he isn’t remembered for that. It seems he has this inkling of using his athleticism in occasionally hurting others. With his diverse sense of projection in many areas of his life, he was the subject of both praise and ridicule which made him a very distinct figure that you may want to avoid, but would occasionally check out because well, you’re curious about him.




Sean Avery

sean-averyHe is an innovative hockey player, which brought his team to many victories. But such innovativeness proved to be very controversial, which upset a lot of people. That’s not the reason why he is called a bad boy athlete though. It’s due to his up-front trash talks and some major altercations with police officers. Throughout his career, he had been through a series of fines and penalties – more than enough proof that no hockey jock is ever badder than Sean Avery.




Conrad Dobler

conrad-doblerHe was a promising player in his prime which made him quickly develop a reputation as a nasty player. Instead of toning down that image, he seems to take pride on it, believing that it’s a great technique to intimidate some defensive players. His most memorable offense was punching Mean Joe Greene, in addition to spitting and kicking on injured opponents. For such transgressions, he was labeled by Sports Illustrated as “Pro Football’s Dirtiest Player.”




Pete Rose

pete-roseHe loves baseball so much that he worked hard at being a player and team manager. But in addition to it, he engaged in gambling for his team as well as that for others. Not a big deal, we may say. But he was an evader of his financial dues most notably on his taxes. He lied and faked a lot just so he can get away with it. He came clean though, and pushed some efforts on WWE. There, he attacked Kane who attacked him in return. Kane had this to say: “I have an unhealthy obsession with torturing Pete Rose.”



Brock Lesnar

brock-lesnarWhile most people are judged as being mean and villainous because of their filthy deeds, this guy has no known illicit record outside of his profession. It could be due to his inability to wear a friendly smile, or it could be simply due to his super-tough demeanor. Either way, he is viewed by the spectators of wrestling and mix-martial arts as the incomparable baddie.





Alex Higgins

alex-higginsHe came to be known as the “People’s Champion” because of his excellent skills with stick and balls. He brought snooker in a wider audience better than his predecessors ever did. But our guy was a chain- smoker, an alcoholic, a heavy gambler and was a cocaine and marijuana user – bad habits that made him a difficult character to deal with. Was he a great player? Yes. Was he an ideal role model for snooker? Sadly, no.




Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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