Most Prestigious Award You Wish to Have

top ten most prestigious awards

To be in the limelight where you are applauded and adored by people, receiving a much coveted award, who would refuse such a prestige? Listed below are ten of the most prestigious awards this world has ever come up with. Which among the following would you like to grab and use as an object of envy to your friends?

Grammy Award

grammyEstablished: 1959
Recognizing people’s talent and creativity in the field of music, the Grammys is the most prestigious award-giving body in the recording industry. What does it mean if you get to have one of its shiny trophies? It means that you have the power similar to the Pied Piper of Hamelin– you can captivate, ensnare and mesmerize people with your hymns and vocalization not just in the scene of your locality, but in the very wide avenue of the realm of global music as well.




Einstein World Award

einsteinEstablished: 1984
Albert Einstein is declared as the greatest theoretical physicist who ever lived, and it is the best and only reason why an award-giving body is created in his name. Under such an institution, creativity is held only in very little scrutiny because ingenuity is actually what it’s really after. The recipient of the award is evaluated and elected by an Interdisciplinary Committee, which is composed of world-renowned scientists. These people would recognize your scientific endeavors and announce it to the world, if it is a kind of research which “has brought true benefit and well being to mankind.”



Oscar Award

oscarEstablished: 1929
They say that the movies we see play a very huge part of who we are as a member of the society. If this is true, then you are really a cultural molder if you get to garner an Oscar Award. Undoubtedly one of the most important events in mass media and filmmaking, the annual event called “The Academy Awards” which hands over a grandest recognition in movies is certainly an institution that everyone is willing to be a part of, but gives privilege only to the very few, the very talented, and the very lucky.



Hugo Award

hugoEstablished: 1953
Named after Hugo Gernsback, the founder of the pioneering science fiction magazine Amazing Stories, it gives honor and to the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements for each year. If you happen to be a writer who gets to be awarded with this, you will become an instant superstar that’s worthy to be in the level of popular actors and directors as you will be courted by such people so they may adapt [or exploit] your work so they can project it on the silverscreen for all the world to see.



Nobel Prize

nobelEstablished: 1901
In recognition of academic, cultural, and scientific advances, the will of the Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel established the prizes in 1895, and is still being held on a regular basis these days. Unlike other award-giving bodies which largely focus on people who seek fame and glory, this one looks out for individuals who don’t seem to strive for it. You could just be a thinker, a hard-working employee, or simply an agent of peace… and a Nobel Prize could come to you, right at your doorstep.



MTV Award

mtvEstablished: 1984
Created as an alternative to the Grammy Awards in the video category, the annual MTV Awards has often been called the “Super Bowl for the Youth.” True musicians and critics declare this institution as a poison to the true essence of music in the sense that it doesn’t focus on musicality but on the bloated eye-candy that it can give. Nevertheless, recording artists still pay respect to the MTV Awards because it is one of the most unstoppable forces to ever occur in pop culture. Write a song and shoot a cool video for it… you could be publicized and popularized in a manner that you couldn’t grasp or fathom in your dreams or in your most vivid imaginations.

Pulitzer Prize

pulitzerEstablished: 1917
How people think and what they believe can be shaped and altered by the quality of writings that they absorb every day. Realizing this, Joseph Pulitzer who had made his fortune as a newspaper publisher, established his own award institution. By provisions in his will, certain persons are awarded for achievements in newspaper, magazine, online journalism, literature, and musical composition. A Pulitzer awardee can never be undermined, because such a person is a proof that the pen can truly be mightier than the sword.



Webby Award

webbyEstablished: 1996
Cyberspace is an entire universe in itself inhabited with digital lifeforms created by you and me. In order for such lifeforms to thrive and survive, they have to be governed by amazing technologies which took great amounts of intellectual labor to create. Such was the reason for establishing the Webby Awards –a judging body composed of over one thousand industry experts and technology innovators who recognize revolutionary web innovations. Categories include websites, advertising, online film & video, mobile apps, and social networking. Hailed as “the online dimension’s highest honor,” it is often called as “The Oscars of the Internet.”

Medal of Valor

valorEstablished: 1794
These days, the goal to be famous is almost certainly associated with the questions: “Are you good-looking?” or “Are you talented?” or “Are you smart?” If your answer to these questions is “no,” then people would just tell you to give up your dreams of becoming popular. But then there is the Medal of Valor – an institution made by people who doesn’t need to know if you’re attractive, talented or smart. What they want from you is something that anyone can have but only the very few choose to attain: bravery. If you saved the life of someone or if you have performed acts of heroism, heroes could pin or hang the medal on you– an event that is far more significant and elating than attaining any form of vain fame or notoriety.

Tony Award

tonyEstablished: 1947
Many movie actors are globally acclaimed for their performances which are etched on film. But such an act could be due to multiple takes or maybe due to some digital enhancements. But with Broadway Theater actors who do their thing in stage-plays, it’s entirely different. What they can do is rehearse their lines and parts well, and execute it in a one-shot manner. This only means that grabbing a Tony Award is no small achievement. Established and first conducted more than 70 years ago, the institution is still prominent today, giving awards and recognitions to talented individuals who don’t give huge reliance on visuals and fancy props.


Which among these should be ranked as No. 1?

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