Most Impossible Theoretical Device

top ten impossible devices

The fact that they are logically feasible doesn’t mean they can be built in reality, let alone put them to practical use. Which among the following theoretical devices is the most impossible to invent?

Time Machine

timetravelThe laws of physics declare that it is theoretically possible to travel back and forth through the fabric of space-time. However, logic and the constraints of the natural world would seem to prevent it. Why? Because in order for something or someone to travel through time, he, she, or it, would have to travel in a speed equal to the speed of light and unfortunately, no form of matter can ever achieve it. Unless sentient beings can be converted into “optical form,”anyone’s dreams of using a time machine would have to remain as it is… a dream.



Real-time Translator

diginterpretMany computer scientists have tried, but many of them have already failed and died trying. They came up with this conclusion – inventing an electronic device that can translate words in both real and unreal time is extremely difficult, if not totally impossible. What could be so difficult about it? Even if we just use plain common sense, languages in general vary in semantics and it is absolutely difficult to quantify the rules that govern them. If a real-time language translator machine is impossible to build, what’s the best alternative then? Simple – human interpreters.




rejuvEverything that lives need to feed, grow and decay – this is one of the most popular definitions of life. While we want to ignore the third word, we can’t avoid the fact that everyone of us is headed for one certain fate: we will grow old and perish eventually. Some species like turtles and crocodiles may be equipped with regenerative capabilities that allow them to live extremely long lifespans, but we humans aren’t obviously gifted with that. Cosmetics and physical fitness may help us stretch our youth and vigor, but that’s just about it. Unless we can be vampires or mutants, we just have to get ready to meet our doom someday.




teleporterTo get pulverized in one place and reappear in another, would it not be the best way to avoid traffic and jet lag? Such a is used in movies and print media a lot and we have been fantasizing about it with the hopes that a machine that can make it happen would be invented someday. But unlike the other devices in this article which are logically possible and are scientifically feasible, a teleporter can never be materialized because… it would have to kill you first, then recreate your physical structure so it can reappear somewhere else. Even if such a machine could exist, are you willing to undergo such a process?



Invisibility Cloak

invcloakThis could be the ultimate espionage tool, perfect for infiltrating the facilities of the enemy whilst being visually undetected. It seems easy to think about, but physicists say a device that can make it happen is highly impossible. When light hits an object and any object for that matter, it will always reflect back – this is the very principle that allows all creatures with eyes to see. For now, and possibly for all of human existence, it is just not possible for light to be totally redirected so it won’t bounce off. Sorry to disappoint you Harry Potter and Hollow Man fans, your fantasy has very little chance of becoming real at all.



Perpetual Motion Machine

perpetThe problem of energy has been one of the most crucial reasons why international conflicts happen all the time. It is therefore apparent that if the problem is addressed, all wars would cease and the world will be much safer. In this regard, it would be very, very cool to have a machine that can run forever, without the need for periodic energy inputs. Sadly, such a creation is just plain impossible. Perpetual machine as it is called, can never be built because the concept of energy dissipation and the laws of thermodynamics prevent it from doing so. Energy can be conserved in very clever ways, but it needs to be injected into motion devices from time to time so they can move. That’s the way it is. Deal with it.

Force-Field Generator

forcefieldThe amount of energy to create a hypothetical force field capable of taking heavy impact would be highly unrealistic with today’s technology, this is what a typical engineer would say, since most people want such a technology to exist because they want to protect their bodies or their property from any form of violent attacks. So would it be possible in the near future then? Nobody knows for sure, but even if it is theoretically possible, it is least likely to be practical, and since it is, nobody would be foolish enough to create it since the resources required are impossible to acquire.



Biological Computer

biocompWe humans are the most advanced lifeforms in terms of mental capacity. The problem is that most of us flunk miserably at maintaining our accuracy and consistency. Undoubtedly, computers are far better in such categories. But computers are machines, and they clearly have no common sense like we do. But what if we can build a computer that’s built on carbon instead of silicon? Such a mechanism would be capable of healing itself and thinking, the way a human brain can. Amazingly, a technology called bio-computing already exists. Unfortunately though, it can only produce an intelligence that can’t even be called real intelligence at all – the mental capacity of an insect.



X-Ray Glasses(that can only see through clothes)

xrayglassThis would be an absolute best-seller for perverts, for it would eliminate the need to acquire some ninja skills just to take a look on what’s under the clothing of the objects of their affection. But here are the facts: viewing things within the range of X-Ray beams highly require great amounts of energy and not to mention an array of bulky equipment. Currently, it is impossible to miniaturize such components so it would fit into the small frame of standard spectacles. Even if we can miniaturize them, no scientific law ever allows a clear and direct visualization or projection of any shielded object. Disappointing, but that’s science.



Face-altering Mask

facemaskTo address this feat, a device that can reshape your facial features is what we need. Is it achievable? If you’re referring to the kind of mask that can also be summoned to project facial expressions, the answer is no. Why? Because in order to have someone else’s face, you would need to have the exact facial bone structure of the person you want to impersonate. Otherwise, a thick layer of synthetic tissue would have to be added to your face which deems it impossible to have realistic facial projections. Another problem is that, it would enlarge some parts of your countenance which would make observers easily detect you’re wearing a mask. This is a good plot device for movies, unfortunately, it can’t be done in reality.


Which among these should be ranked as No. 1?

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  2. Surely X-Ray glasses are not impossible. Just need to find a infrared/radio frequency that passes through clothes but reflects off skin.

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