Most Hated Assassin


Of course, we despise and hate murderers. But which do you think among the following assassins deserves the most hatred?

Nathuram Godse

nathuram-godseVictim: Mohandas Ghandi, January 30, 1948
If you kill a person who is viewed by the society as a great leader, albeit in a spiritual sense, then you should expect a truckload of hate to arrive at your doorstep. That’s what happened to Mr. Godse, who opposed Ghandi’s alleged sabotage of Hindu interests, and shot him in point-blank range. Although Godse was hanged as punishment, it did very little to appease the anger of Gandhi’s followers.



Mark David Chapman

mark-david-chapmanVictim: John Lennon, December 8, 1980
If you’re a hard-core Christian, you would surely despise a famous guy who claimed to be more popular than Jesus. But what if that guy is greatly idolized by by millions of people all over the world, and is killed by some delusional thug? Certainly, rage from many sources will manifest around the killer and would make another avid fan want to be a killer as well. Chapman is currently living in a correctional facility in New York and will most probably stay there for the rest of his life.


Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid

mustafa-abu-al-yazidVictim: Benazir Bhutto, December 27, 2007
He wasn’t the hands-on killer, but Al-Yazid claimed responsibility for killing the female Pakistani prime minister. Convinced that Bhutto was in fact an American asset meant to be another tool to bring destruction on the Muslims, Al-Yazid orchestrated an act of terrorism that killed Bhutto. Had she died due to direct gunshots, she would have been hailed as a martyr. Al-Yazid could have anticipated it so he gambled on the idea that the female politician should die on shrapnel wounds instead.


Lee Harvey Oswald

lee-harvey-oswaldVictim: John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963
He was young and most probably very impulsive about his ideals and beliefs, which drove him to kill a US president. Evidence shows that he acted alone. But even after many decades, people still speculate that Oswald was a tool for a very big conspiracy, and that bigger forces were at play. He killed one of the most well-loved political leaders in history, and for that he is greatly hated and despised.




Dan White

dan-whiteVictim: Harvey Milk, November 27, 1978
No offense against gays, but it is known that they are often the subject of ridicule and mockery of the people around them. But for Dan White, he took it a bit too far, by killing the most famous gay politician in US history. When asked why he did it, he simply said “I just shot him.” Just more than year after his release, he killed himself for reasons that are still unclear.




John Wilkes Booth

john-wilkes-boothVictim: Abraham Lincoln, April 14, 1865
He was a well-known actor and a person from a prominent family, resources that he would ultimately use to commit one of the most notable crimes in world history. Lincoln was an excellent president, but being on that great status would bring you enemies along the way, and Booth was perhaps the most determined of them all. He was shot during his arrest. His co-conspirators were hanged thereafter.




Gavrilo Princip

gavrilo-principVictim: Franz Ferdinand, June 28, 1914
Like most deranged assassins, he performed just one assassination. But what made this guy so special is that his act triggered a chain of events that brought us World War I. This can make us conclude that this guy’s kill brought about millions of more kills. Of course, it’s not really his fault. But some people just can’t stop blaming him for that gruesome war… and its more grotesque sequel. After all, how can World War II happen if there’s no World War I?



James Earl Ray

james-earl-rayVictim: Martin Luther King Jr., April 4, 1968
Before the 1950s, African Americans were often treated as animals by some white people. Such an ugly scenario is now just a thing of the past due to the great efforts of Martin Luther King Jr. But his noble deeds came at a great price – a price claimed by James Ear Ray. He was captured and was able to do a jailbreak. But after an intensive manhunt, he was recaptured and was sentenced to 99 years in prison.




El Sayyid Nosair

el-sayyid-nosairVictim: Meir David Kahane, November 5, 1990
If you call this guy a Hitler aficionado, you could be easily forgiven. He has this hatred for Jews that pushed him into killing Rabbi Kahane as he was giving a public speech. On his trial, Nosair ignored the proceedings by making sketches of Princess Diana. After a totally absurd series of events in the courtroom, he was acquitted of Kahane’s murder, though he was charged with assault and illegal possession of a firearm. The battle didn’t end there though. Currently, he is serving his sentence in a federal prison in Illinois, USA.



Yolanda Saldivar

yolanda-saldivarVictim: Selena Quintanilla, March 31, 1995
Pop stars are so well-loved by their fans. And if such a star is known to be very kind-hearted and sweet, who unfortunately got murdered, the perpetrator is forever doomed with a never-ending shower of hate. Yolanda is believed to be a human parasite who fed on Selena’s wealth and fame. Eventually, her wickedness squirted out from suppression and led to her downfall, which unfortunately dragged along a young singer into her death as well before that.



Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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