Most Compelling Time Traveler


These people claim to have experienced an event that only science fiction can address so far– they said they have traveled from the future, or into the past. Which among them has the most compelling testimony?

Hakan Nordkvist

hakan-nordkvistIf someone just talks about an amazing exploit, we can fairly say that the person could just be making it up. But what if that person has a video to prove it? While doing some plumbing, this Swedish guy claimed to discover a wormhole under his kitchen sink where he met a 70-year old version of himself. To prove his claims, he kept a video of their encounter. He affirms that he doesn’t care if people thinks of him as a liar. He has been through a great experience and he’s proud of it.



Andrew Carlssin

andrew-carlssinHow could this guy be so lucky in every high-risk stock trade he makes? The answer – he already knew the result of every monetary undertaking he gets into because… he is from the future, according to himself. He became a subject of investigation which made him divulge a 4-hour confession about his being a time traveler. He spoke about the whereabouts of Bin Laden and the cure for AIDS, though he refused to show his time machine to the public.



Valeria Lykyanova

valeria-lukyanovaAlthough she can be easily declared as a talented and unnaturally attractive woman, she openly claims as well, that she is actually a trime-traveling alien. Popularly known to the media as “Space Barbie” due to her resemblance to that very famous doll character, she denies accusations that she underwent intensive surgeries to achieve her somewhat supernatural physique. Now as a married woman who lives in Russia, she continues her career as a fashion model.



Pellegrino Ernetti

pellegrino-ernettiAs a priest and scientist, he has great fondness for studying christian history and various areas of science which include optical transmission from the past. He invented the chronovisor – a machine that he claims can take snapshots of past events. The most significant photograph taken with that machine was the alleged picture of Jesus Christ. Unlike other time travelers, Reverend Erenetti, didn’t travel physically. He just witnessed images from thousands of years ago which triggered a series of conspiracy theories that continued to this day.


Bob White/Tim Jones

bob-white-tim-jonesThe internet is really a great tool for communication that even time travelers use it to obtain parts for their broken time machines. That’s what Bob White or Tim Jones (or whatever his real name is) did, which brought him some considerable media attention. Amazingly, some people responded to his requests for reasons that we can never truly discern. It is said that the real person behind this time traveler whose face and identity is still a mystery, may have had severe mental problems and that people who went along with his deceptions may just have been preying on his psychological problems for the sake of amusement.


Rudolph Fentz

rudolph-fentzHis story tells of a man dressed in 19th-century apparel. He got situated in the middle of 1951 Times Square before being hit by a car and killed. While inspecting the belongings that he had with him, the objects certainly looked like they were in fact from the previous century. This suggests that he had, perhaps involuntarily, time traveled into the present. The story of Rudolph Fentz has been repeated occasionally since. With the prevalence of the time machine craze and due to the spread of the Internet in the 90s, it has been cited as one of the most popular proofs for the existence of time travel.


Charlotte Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain

charlotte-moberly-eleanor-jourdainUpon visiting the Palace of Versailles in August 10 1901, these 2 women of untainted reputation claimed to have experienced a time slip in which they were able to meet people who died in an incident that happened more than 100 years earlier– a massacre and monarchy abolition took place in that palace. Their story which is dubbed as the “Ghosts of Petit Trianon” became one of the hottest time-travel stories depicted in numerous print media as well as in radio and TV specials. Their story retained its hold on the public imagination for half a century.


Andrew Basiago

andrew-basiagoHe said that in one of his time travel exploits, he was there when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated though he never truly witnessed the event. Publicly, he claimed that he participated in a government program that worked on teleportation and time travel under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Project Pegasus, as the project was called, made him a human guinea pig at the age of 7 to 12 to test the mental and physical effects of time travel on kids. He is a lawyer which makes it harder for people to either believe or refute his claims.


Ali Razeghi

ali-razeghi“It will not take you into the future, it will bring the future to you.” – Such was his claim when he invented “The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine.” Though it can’t physically transport you through time, Razeghi declared that his invention can foresee 5 to 8 years into the future with 98% accuracy. This means Iran’s government can predict the possibility of a military confrontation with a foreign country. He was criticized by both friends and enemies because of this but he is as proud as a father could be for a very accomplished offspring.


John Titor

john-titorHe claims to be a soldier from 2036 who was tasked by the government to retrieve a computer from 1975. For some personal reasons, he made a stopover in the year 2000. He gave some compelling predictions about a nuclear war and the dissolution of the US into 5 smaller nations. Though his face and true identity was never really confirmed, his emergence caught large media attention which remain a hot topic today whenever time travel is mentioned.



Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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