Most Beautiful Woman in The Bible


From a Biblical perspective, the following could have been the most sought-after female celebrities and beauty queens of the ancient times. Who do you think among them is the most beautiful as indicated in the Bible?


She is depicted as someone who bore her first child at the age of 90. This would make us think she must have an overflowing “fertility juice.” Does that make her beautiful already? Not exactly. What is certain however is that when she visited Egypt, her husband Abraham had a sudden feeling of dread that he might be killed by the nation’s leader so that Sarah, a very beautiful woman, can be taken by the Pharaoh as a new wife. A woman whose beauty is worth killing and stealing for, that’s how stunning the beauty of Sarah really was.



From the top of his palace, King David saw her bathing and from then on, a chain of events unraveled which pushed the great king to orchestrate an act that would kill Batsheba’s husband. Eventually, she fell into David’s possession but not without a great price: a great stir-up of God’s anger, and the life of the child that resulted from their wickedness. They were forgiven and redeemed but their second child who would be known as King Solomon was born – a great king who was notable for having 600 wives and 400 concubines. He must have been a very handsome guy because he is the offspring of an extremely beautiful mother.



When the king of the land gave out the word that he is in search for a new queen, beautiful young Jewish virgins were brought upon him. Out of that ancient beauty pageant, the beauty and magnificence of Esther outshone everyone else’s. Her rise to fame brought some complications which included an assassination plot which fortunately, didn’t pan out. How captivating was she? Take this: upon seeing her irresistible countenance, the king immediately handed out his scepter to her and declared that if she would just ask for half of his kingdom, it will given to her immediately!



It is said that true love waits and stands the test of time. A decade of wait could be long enough, but how a bout a decade and four years? Can we still doubt that a man who waits that long is truly in love? A man who loved that much in the person of Jacob pulled off such a feat in the name of his affections for a woman named Rachel. It would only have been 7 years, but then her envious sister and sly father tricked Jacob which prolonged his agony for twice that long. A beauty that made a man work hard for 14 years just to marry her, how awesome the beauty of Rachel must have been!



If you’re a girl who captivated the boys of your neighborhood, you are a certified hottie. But what if your own half brother became madly in love with you? Sounds a bit creepy, but such a weird phenomenon happened to Tamar, a daughter of King David. Her pervert brother Amnon, gave in to his lustful nature and raped his half sister. Tamar’s brother Absalom retaliated by killing Amnon. A terrible case of a siblings feud – all because of the super-captivating beauty of their own sister.


Herodias’ Daughter

It’s a scenario that we are so familiar with: a beautiful girl dances, and a guy gets so mesmerized that he would be willing to give all of his earnings just because he is so damn pleased with the girl’s sultry dance moves. But instead of grabbing a thick bundle of cash, the girl asks for a surprising and gruesome gift: the head of a famous prophet on a silver platter. Such a tale is written on biblical text that relates how John The Baptist was killed. After King Herod saw the dance presentation of Herodias’ daughter, he had no choice but to order the beheading of one of Jesus’ bestfriends because the girl asked for it. It’s surprising what a beautiful face does to cloud the judgment of even the greatest of men, isn’t it?



Behind every man’s success, is a woman, so the saying goes. Unfortunately, behind the failure of a super-strong man, is also a woman. That’s what happened to Samson, the most famous superhuman biblical character of all. He could face an entire army alone with nothing but his own extremities and still emerge victorious. But his enemies found his weakness from the intel brought to them by Delilah, the prettiest female in the entire Philistine land. While sleeping on her bosom, Samson got his long hair shaved which drained his strength. It’s natural for a man to “lose some vigor” due to the hotness of some woman, But for Samson though, it drained not only his manliness, but his entire life force as well.



As mentioned above, King Solomon had a multitude of women under his spell. But according to Jewish tradition and with great indication from the Bible, no woman was ever prettier and more mesmerizing than Abishag – the finest maiden in all of Israel during her time. An entire book of the Bible “Song of Songs” is believed to be about an exchange of dialog between her and Solomon himself. The book which is supposedly about christian love actually depict some intimate moments that would make us think about “bedroom scenes” while reading it. Abishag must be a truly magnificent woman to behold, the Bible seems a bit compromised and tarnished because of her!


Mary Magdalene

According to biblical text, she once housed 7 demons within her body. Were those demons murderous or ravenous ones? Not likely, tradition and biblical accounts indicate that those evil spirits belong to the “lustful” category. Her last name which is actually derived from the place called “Magdala” is now being regarded as synonymous to prostitution because unfortunately for her, she was viewed as one of the hottest prostitutes in the community she lived in. Can you be called as one of the hottest if you are not pretty enough? Very unlikely. Furthermore, it can also be read in the Bible that even Jesus prevented her from touching his resurrected body. Why? So he can avoid being tempted to give in to Mary Magdalene’s seductive powers? Seems like a very disturbing and intriguing idea.



The Bible gives no description about her physical features. What is clear is that she is made to relieve the loneliness of the first man Adam. If that’s her very purpose, and if we believe that God is the perfect provider, then we can fairly assume that the woman he made for Adam must be one of the prettiest, if not the absolute prettiest of all, since all of the most attractive humans these days did actually sprout from her. What a beautiful sight she must have been in the Garden of Eden, walking around freely without any covering, and without the feeling of shame or awkwardness for an audience of one and well… for other male animals too.

Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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