Greatest Writer Behind a Great TV Show


Inasmuch as the success of a man is backed up by a woman, the success of a great TV show is also because of a great writer working behind it. Who among the following is the greatest writer behind a great TV show?

Beau Willimon / House of Cards

beau-willimonUpon his primary years as a playwright student, he claims to be the worst ever. But by pouring out more dedication and hard work, he turned out to be one of the very best in his chosen field. In September 2017, he has been elected for a two-year term as President of the Writers Guild of America East, running unopposed – a concrete proof that he is worthy of the spot as his talents speak for himself.




Chris Carter / X-Files

chris-carterAfter his career working on television films for Walt Disney Studios, Carter rose to fame as a TV writer during the early 90s, which also led him to establishing his own productions company. His earliest hobby was poetry, in which he claimed to have written thousands of poems. Deciding to become a TV writer instead, he revitalized the alien mystery genre during the previous decade and is now regarded as one of the greatest TV show runners ever.



David Benoiff / Game of Thrones

david-benioffBorn to a Jewish family, he can then be declared as someone who came from a race where hard work and discipline is present by default. Such traits are evident in his works, as most of them are either critically or commercially acclaimed. He is basically a novelist by profession, but the quality of his output in movies and television parallels, or even excels in comparison to those who have been around longer than he was in the business.



David Simon / The Wire

david-simonDuring his student years, he made a decision to quit school and work as a police reporter – a decision that would fully harness his inner talent so he can write the best police-oriented TV shows in history. A  friend of his once said that Simon loved journalism so much to the point that he would refer to his job’s as God’s work. By looking at his by-products, we can really tell that his writing is indeed on a god-like level, as it is one of the finest crafts that TV has to offer.



James Manos Jr. / The Sopranos

james-manos-jrHe is really a force to be reckoned with, because aside from The Sopranos, he also created 2 other shows that are well-received by critics and fans all over the world: Dexter and The Shield. As a well-experienced theater director, he is well-versed in the arts of live and impromptu acting. In the field of TV and film, he still can’t be undermined – he has a long list of awards and recognitions to reinforce his already great reputation.




Joel Surnow / 24

joel-surnowWhen he pitched the idea of 24 to his colleague Robert Cochran, he was turned down by the latter who said that it was the worst idea he has ever heard. Now of course, we know Cochran is obviously wrong. 24 became a global hit and has redefined the term ‘primetime TV.’ While the show might not be as good as the ones we have these days, the idea behind it can’t still be denied as one of the most innovative and unique in the history of film and television.



Nic Pizollato / True Detective

nic-pizolattoWhile most screenwriters worked on plenty of projects before emerging as one of the greats, this guy has only worked on very few projects… yet he quickly rose to fame because of the ingenuity behind his works. During his younger years, he was into writing short stories and was already garnering prominent award titles then. Now working actively in both film and TV, he still consistently garners major awards, the kind that very few writers ever attained.



Noah Hawley / Fargo

noah-hawleyHe must have a keen eye on accuracy and detail, for his early works include writing computer programs – a job that requires very accurate and precise thinking. With a degree in political science under his belt, he is quite knowledgeable about the ins and outs of a variety of social structures. Add it up with the knowledge that he obtained during his working days as a paralegal in some law firms, he transformed himself into one of the most distinguished names in both publishing and television.



Rod Serling / The Twilight Zone

rod-serlingHe was known as the “angry young man” of Hollywood, clashing with television executives and sponsors over a wide range of issues including censorship, racism, and war. This makes him a fierce competitor in his chosen craft, in which he is an obvious victor. His greatest achievement perhaps is that he was one of the very first persons to exploit the power of TV as one of the most important devices that would shape mass media and culture in a global scale for the years to come.



Vince Gilligan / Breaking Bad

vince-gilliganHe was once a collaborator of Chris Carter’s, having worked with him during the X-Files days. His early works in both film and TV wasn’t that monumental, but when he crafted the character of Walter White, he gained overwhelming critical acclaim. With his conception of Better Call Saul which is already starting to earn the same renown as that of Breaking Bad, many critics are under the impression that Vince Gilligan might just be one of the best things that ever happened on TV.




Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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