Greatest Woman in Combat Sports


Many of us thought that fighting arts is a man’s domain… until these women came. Who among these real-life femme fatales is the greatest woman in combat sports?

Wu Jingyu

wu-jingyuHer signature attack is the Axe Kick – a skill that allowed her to carve a great level of success for herself. Starting her Taekwondo training at age 12, she ventured into acting as well, apart from her massive success in the sport. Upon her appearance on the Sea Games, she won several medals in addition to the ones she got during the Olympics of 2008 and 2012.




Ann Wolfe

ann-wolfeShe is a true fighter, not only in the ring, but in the game of life. Raising her 2 daughters while working as a construction worker, she met her original trainer ‘Pops’ Billingsley. From then on, she catapulted from a hardworking mom into a legendary female athlete. She once held world titles in three different weight classes simultaneously. The name Anne Wolfe is regarded by many within the sport as the hardest puncher and best fighter in the history of women’s boxing.



Ronda Rousey

ronda-rouseyOften viewed as the ultimate female sex symbol of Mix Martial Arts, she is perhaps the most popular female in the field of combat sports. She is not pure glitter and glam though, for she has proven to be a valiant fighter in countless occasions. Her killer moves in the movies may be choreographed, but her being lethal as a femme fatale is very real indeed.




Trish Stratus

trish-stratusAs her career as a fitness model began, She began working for the WWE as well. It may come to us as a surprise, but a certified pretty and hottie that she is had been a fan of wrestling since she was a wee little lass. Working on that, she pursued a career which eventually put her on the sport where she is regarded as the greatest WWE Women’s Champion of all time and a trailblazer for females in the sport.




Kayla Harrison

kayla-harrisonLike many famous athletes, she also got her chance in some movie projects. For a woman, she was quite large and bulky. Such physique was put to good use in her career as a judoka who competes in the 78 kg weight category. Ignited and trained by her mother who happens to be a judo black-belt, she is now on her way towards becoming an MMA superstar.




Jade Jones

jade-jonesFor her services to Taekwondo, she was appointed as a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2013. She is nicknamed “The Headhunter” because she prefers to garner points from hitting her opponent’s head rather than their body as it awards more quality points. For someone who has a very pretty face, she seems to favor destroying the faces of others… not in a literal sense of course.




Lucia Rijker

lucia-rijkerHer passion for the fighting arts goes like this —  She started her martial arts career at the early age of 6 by training in judo. She then hopped into kickboxing when she was 15, in which she knocked out the reigning American kickboxing champion then, Lily Rodriguez. She eventually amassed a 36-0 record as a kickboxer, and won four different world titles. After four different world championship titles, she changed her focus to boxing in 1996.



Holly Holm

holly-holmShe has an achievement that no man or woman ever attained — she is the first person to win championships in both boxing and mixed martial arts. Her most notable win in mixed martial arts was when she gave Ronda Rousey her first loss. How she got such strength and tenacity could be due to her being a multi-talented athlete. On her younger years, she played soccer, gymnastics, swimming and diving.




Sasha Banks

sasha-banksBorn and raised in Fairfield, California, she had a different method of schooling because she was into online studies. On her leisure time, she watches All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, and claimed to grow up gorging on that show. Eventually, she wrestled on the independent circuit, most notably for Chaotic Wrestling. Since then, the name Sasha Banks had been synonymous to female wrestling.





Ryoko TaniAs one of the most prominent Judoka in the world, she remained unbeaten for 12 years. Thanks to her success and cheerful personality, Tani grew immensely popular in Japan. She appeared in numerous TV commercials and video projects in which people would seem to forget that she is actually a tough and fierce fighter on the ring. In a career spanning around 20 years, she was only defeated 5 times. In 2011, the International Judo Federation named her “best female judoka ever.”



Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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