Greatest Techno Disc Jockey


From the perspective of seasoned musicians, the following are nothing but scavengers and recyclers of music. But to their fans however, they are the heralds of a new kind of tunes that might replace the typical standard ones that we hear today. Who among these DJs is the greatest techno artist?

Aphex Twin

aphex-twinHe is known for his influential and idiosyncratic work in styles such as ambient techno and intelligent dance music in the 90s, for which he won widespread critical acclaim. What’s so great about this guy is that he is not only a talented musician but a brilliant software programmer as well. His excellent pieces of work earned him the respect of some critics who declared him as “one of the most inventive and influential figures in contemporary electronic music.”



Curtis Jones

curtis-jonesBefore becoming a professional musician, Jones studied chemical engineering at the University of Illinois. Realizing that he was not meant to be one of the most prominent names in the list of his school’s engineers, he struggled to pursue techno music instead. By incorporating House music into his outputs, he went on to grab Billboard spots – a feat rarely achieved by techno artists.





dubfireHis real name is Ali Shirazinia – a Muslim sounding name because he is actually Iranian-American. Growing up in Washington DC, he started out as a guitarist in his boyhood years. Acknowledging the fact that electronic music is the thing of the future, he mastered the act of sampling and mixing and earned for himself a reputation that very few middle-eastern persons ever achieved.




Richie Hawtin

richie_hawtinHe is known for DJing with only standard digital mixing equipment. Not really a complex setup by techno standard, but superbly effective for him nonetheless which made him a three-time DJ Awards winner and received 17 nominations overall. Because the institution that handed it is the only international ceremony for DJs, the award is one of the most important accolades an artist can win or be honored by. This makes the name Richie Hawtin one of the greatest techno-musicians in the world.



Jeff Mills

jeff-millsHe has received recognition for his work as a DJ, music producer, filmmaker, and graphics artist – proofs that he is in fact a multi-faceted artist. As a techno-musician, his craft is recognized by Eminem, one of the greatest rappers in the business, saying that Mills is “some kind of a wizard.” In his choice of equipment, he is rather different – using only three or four CD decks for most of his club appearances, instead of the usual turntables.



Laurent Garnier

laurent-garnierHe had a broad stylistic range, able to span deep house, Detroit techno, trance and jazz – all in the name of taking advantage of the variety of musical samples available for DJs to exploit. Such an exploitation isn’t just for the sake of the act though, for he amazingly concocted recognizable tunes during the 90s that would become the foundation and inspiration of the other techno newbies after him right into this generation.





mobyApart form his work in electronic music, he is well known for his veganism, charity work and support of animal rights. Because of this, he is almost equally known for his outspokenness and his musical work. His musical endeavors led him in collaboration with other famous artists that range from the likes of Britney Spears to Metallica. He is known worldwide as one of the most important pillars in the earliest days of techno and remains as such in these recent years.




reconditeMost e-musicians are motivated by the glitter and allure of technology in constructing their outputs. With this guy however, it’s the landscapes and natural structures of his hometown that triggered his passion. Combining analog sounds and frequency modulation synthesis or in layman’s terms, “computerized/electronic sound” he has proven that German music artists can be as good as the Americans and the Brits who are presumed to be the better techno artists.



Sven Vath

sven-vathHe is somewhat old-fashioned, playing only music that has been released on vinyl discs in his sets. This fact about him may make his fellow techno artists frown, but such a gesture wouldn’t last very long if they could get to know his achievements. He initially made his mark by being one of Germany’s “pop stars” in the 90s. He is largely recognized for cultivating the underground electronic music scene not just in Germany but in other parts of the world as well.



Carl Cox

carl-coxDuring the 90’s when his craft was still of little renown, he became known as one of the best “celebrity DJs” in the world. He continued to create music, eventually embracing the underground sounds of techno that would soon become very popular. Though he is more known as a promoter of techno than one who makes definitive music for it, the name Carl Cox is regarded as an icon in a musical avenue that is one of the newest, yet most promising kind yet.



Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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