Greatest Siblings In Rock Music


Like any other physical or mental capabilities, musical talent also runs in the blood. Here are 10 of the most notable brother team-ups in the global rock scene. Who among them is the greatest?

Angus and Malcolm Young

 malcolm-angus-youngAs the front-runners of AC/DC, the greatest musical act from Australia, these duo are two of the most indispensable figures in the scene of rock as well as in the entirety of the music realm for that matter. With the help of their sister who suggested the band’s name, Malcolm and Angus are now inductees to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame which makes them a tandem that will never be erased from entertainment history anymore.




Dean and Ed Roland

ed-dean-rolandWith their band Collective Soul booming during the mid 90s, these sibling musicians from Georgia USA are sons of a Baptist Minister—a huge influence that made them good in lyrics and hymns. Dispelling the notion that they are a Christian band, they are still actively promoting their alternative, post grunge renditions which are included in many award-winning lists especially during the previous decade.




David and Mark Knopfler

mark-david-knopflerDire Straits have spent over 1,100 weeks on the UK albums chart, ranking fifth of all-time. Such a huge amount of success was ushered into the band due to the excellent musicianship of the Knopfler brothers. While Mark is typically the singer-guitarist type, David is a multi-instrumentalist and a poet. With such a convergence of amazing talents, the Dires straightly pushed themselves into the top of charts and into the playlists of music lovers everywhere.



Jared and Shannon Leto

jared-shannon-letoThe former is a frontman, while the latter is a percussionist, and we know them as two-thirds of 30 Seconds to Mars. Showing their love for music and performing at a very early age, they built each other up in ways that very few siblings could understand. Not contented with their success as music artists, they ventured into acting and filmmaking which solidified their coolness as celebrity brothers even further.




Robert and Dean DeLeo

dean-robert-deleoThey are a perfect tandem of treble and bass as they are respectively the guitarist and bassist of Stone Temple Pilots. As one of the most commercially successful rock bands of the 1990s, selling nearly 40 million records worldwide, The DeLeos evolved from a typical alternative band into a supergroup as they admitted other members from other famous bands.




Eddie and Alex Van Halen

eddie-alex-van-halenEddie taught Alex the rules of percussioning. It turns out however that Alex is naturally better than Eddie in harnessing and projecting noisy beats. As they got older and better, they went on to be the other half of the band that carries their last name. While Alex failed to match Eddie’s popularity as a musician, he is happy with his status as a second in line crew to Van Halen’s success and that of his brother’s.




Noel and Liam Gallagher

noel-liam-gallagherWith a band that’s declared by fans and some critics as the “modern-beatles”, the Gallagher brothers of Oasis are the ultimate British bad boys in a pure literal sense. Climbing to the top of media frenzy in both aspects of music and controversy, they openly curse their fellow musicians, the press, and each other with little regard at how it might damage their already too-scarred reputation. Now working independent from each other, their notoriety still lives on, though they are not exactly remembered as cool rock n roll stars.



Followill Brothers

kings-of-leonTwo is better than one. But for the members of Kings of Leon however, they would declare that three would be better than two. With Caleb on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Nathan on drums and Jared on bass, they are a trinity of musicians who redefined blues music by lacing it with modern alternative. With the inclusion of their cousin Matthew as the 4th member, people view them as a family-only rock quartet, which is one of the most excellent team-ups in music history.



Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell

dimebag-darrell-vinnie-paulDon’t be fooled by their different last names, those are just stage monikers. Darrell and Vincent Abbott, as they are truly known, are respectively the guitarist and dummer of Pantera. Since most “greatest in heavy metal” lists always include their band, it’s fair to assume that they are 2 of the best there is in the business. Dimebag was shot to death in 2004, but his brother Vinnie never stopped performing these days, never letting their influence wane down even in the next years after his brother’s death.



Dan and Justin Hawkins

justin-dan-hawkinsWhen most rockers avoid trekking the path of glam rock during the 70s, the Hawkins brothers refused to back down and continued to do the thing they’re good at. Thus, The Darkness ironically shone within the British music scene and into the global spectrum as well. They disbanded due to cases of substance abuse but some years after and even up to now, their band still ignites a distinctively appealing kind of stardom.




Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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