Greatest Female Anime Character


We already featured a list of the most famous anime characters in the male category. This time, let’s delve into a list that features the most famous females in the domain and answer the question: Who is the greatest female anime character?


bulmaShe may often act like a nagging mother, but it’s only a manifestation of her leadership skills and caring nature. Always the best ally and asset of the strongest warriors that protect planet Earth, Bulma has no superhuman abilities to brag about, but has the skills and the wit that can save the lives of his powerful friends, and the lives within the entire planet itself.

Appears in: Dragon Ball Z



Fujiko Mine

fujiko-mineExcellent in firearms handling, disguises and larceny tactics, she is your typical oriental femme fatale. As a professional criminal and burglar she regularly uses her attractiveness to fool her targets. Though she is often seen as an opportunist and a traitor, she can be your perfect comrade whenever you choose to engage on a major robbery heist. Anime Reviews called Fujiko as the sexy glue that keeps a merry band of misfits together.

Appears in: Lupin III


Hinata Hyuga

hinata-hyugaHer character creators designed her to appear as a typical beautiful female, but one that avoids doing beauty regimens and be more focused on fighting. Characterised as shy, thoughtful, serene, kind, and very polite, she is shown to be incredibly empathetic — a trait that resonates easily with her Ninja colleagues. Yes, she is a Ninja which makes her very capable whenever stealth and subterfuge are deemed a necessity, and if the executor of that needs to be female.

Appears in: Naruto


Mikasa Ackerman

mikasa_ackermanShe is a dedicated combatant who maintains a stoic expression except on the people she cares about. While training as a warrior, she graduates at the top of the cadet class and is regarded by officers as an unprecedented genius and prodigy, with a skill equal to several average men in battle. Though she might seem like a character with so few emotional levels, there are actually many feelings that swirl around her heart.

Appears in: Attack on Titan




nami-one-pieceInitially she had a great distrust of pirates, but eventually chooses to stick to some, because of the adventurous and victorious spirit of the pirates she chose to hang out with. She possesses several abilities that include telling climate changes, drawing sea charts, and other marine navigation skills. Often recognized by her fashion styles, she is not purely for poise and glamour because she has also the guts, smarts, and can heft a mean punch when the situation calls for it.

Appears in: One Piece


Lucy Heartfilia

lucy-heartfiliaAs a character that revolves around a world where magic is as common as today’s digital gadgets, she is equipped with a set of magical Gatekeys that can summon celestial spirits. In physical combat, she wields a whip, which she upgrades as an extendable energy that can be lethal to the most powerful foes. In summoning spirits or battling the bad guys, Lucy is formidable, and has a well-directed heart on it, as suggested by her surname.

Appears in: Fair Tail


Usagi Tsukino

sailor-moonIn the world of anime, this gal is a pioneer, because she is the very character that made people realize that females can have a prominent place within the genre. As a carefree schoolgirl who can transform into a powerful crime-fighter, she is also an appointed leader of the Sailor Soldiers – a group of female warriors meant as protectors of the innocent. She is a being from The Moon Kingdom – a mysterious, powerful domain where she was given the birthright to become a princess and an extraordinary agent of justice.

Appears in: Sailor Moon


revy-black-lagoonSpending most of her youth as a thief and murderer, she is a sadistic killer without a conscience — she will kill anyone whenever the need arises, even if it is an unarmed civilian. She has the attitude of a very foul-mouthed bully, but also has the heart of an over-protective sibling. Her skills in using firearms and fighting in general is unparalleled and almost superhuman. Constantly living on the edge of life combined with the tragedies of her past, Revy has developed a rather bleak outlook on life, relying only on her own power, skills, and money.

Appears in: Black Lagoon

Artoria Pendragon

antoria-pendragonAs a warrior, she is swift, agile and very powerful. She is loyal but independent and may appear to be reserved and cold. But her emotional suppression is actually her most effective technique in achieving her goals. She rules her kingdom while earning the reputation of a just, yet distant leader. In spite of her exceptional abilities, Artoria is plagued by feelings of guilt and inferiority throughout her reign. But this doesn’t deter her from sacrificing her emotions for the good of her subjects and knights who would sometimes become critical of her lack of humanity and cold calculation.

Appears in: Fate/Stay Night

Motoko Kusanagi

motoko-kusanagiShe is characterized as being strong-willed, physically powerful, and of genius-level intellect. Her skill sets include deduction, strategizing and hacking. She flirts with both males and females which makes her an even more interesting entity. As an inhabitant of the mid-21st century, her body is artificially fashioned. In spite of that, she is more human than most natural-born individuals — a force to be reckoned with, and a friend you can rely on.

Appears in: Ghost in the Shell


Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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