Funniest Response to an Absurd Superstition

top ten absurd superstitions

Here is a collection of some superstitions with some amusing responses. Which among these do you deem as the funniest?

“Knives and other sharp and pointed objects are said to be a bad choice for wedding gifts for this will lead to a broken marriage.”

blades“Bad choice indeed. According to surveys newlyweds have mostly a greater chance of fighting and arguing. Having plenty of bladed stuff around might make them end up stabbing each other!”







“A coffin should be built to fit the corpse; otherwise, a family member of the deceased will soon die.”

coffin“Coffins, even small ones are expensive, and a bigger one should naturally cost more. A member of an economically drained family who’s thinking about it too much might actually die… of stress.”







“When a tree that was planted upon the birth of a child dies, the child will also die.”

tree“So will everyone else, at the appointed time. Believer of this, please grow up.”








“A person with big ears will have a long life.”

ear“Maybe because he can hear about good opportunities better than small-eared people. He must never use it in hearing and spreading gossips though, it might get him to be strangled by angry neighbors which can cause premature death!”







“Women with wide hips will bear many children.”

hips“Why of course! Women with hips like that are sexier which give them greater chances of getting laid!”








“People with eyebrows that almost meet easily get jealous.”

brows“Jealous types often frown when they see their lover with someone else. Ever seen a frowning person who doesn’t get his/her eyebrows seem to meet?”







“Men with hairy chests are playboys.”

chest“Blame James Bond for this. He has the habit of showing off his hairy chest after making love to many women in his movies.”







“Rains during the wedding means prosperity and happiness for the newlyweds.”

rain“Rains cool the environment, and when a husband and a wife are alone inside a room in low temperatures… well… do we need to elaborate how prosperity and more specifically happiness can come to pass?”







“A person whose teeth are spaced far apart is a liar.”

teeth“Actually, the ones listening didn’t get the facts straight. Why? Because they are distracted by the person’s oddly-spaced teeth! That’s too bad for him, having bad set of teeth and being labeled as a liar.”







“Parents who despise ugly children will bear an ugly child.”

couple“Probably because they are sick of despising their own faces. Ugly parents naturally bear ugly children. Genetics people, genetics!”







Which among these should be ranked as No. 1?

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