Coolest TV-Show Criminal


They would have been the scourge of both the police and of their fellow criminals, had they existed because… they are notorious for performing the latter profession. Listed below are 10 of the TV-Show characters that we hate a little, but love so much. If you were to decide, who among these TV characters is the coolest criminal protagonist in their respective shows?

Raymond Reddington

redNBI Informant, High Profile Criminal
What is the best way to defeat criminals? This guy‘s answer to the question is: “by becoming a criminal yourself.” A former US Naval Intelligence officer, he upgraded his tactical efficiency by doing the unthinkable – he lived as a criminal among the worst kinds for 2 decades, just so he can compile a ‘blacklist’ that would be very useful in his government’s endeavors to bring down terrorism and tyranny in the grandest possible scale.
Actor: James Spader
Show: The Blacklist



Walter White

waltChemistry Teacher, Drug Lord
Let’s say you are diagnosed with lung cancer and have only a few months left to live, what would you do? Cry in despair? Crumble down in sadness? Most people would end up like that, but not Mr. White. He resorted into using his excellent chemistry skills to manufacture the purest crystal meth of all, and sold it on the streets. In the process of doing so, he brilliantly eliminated his enemies, even the most seasoned and powerful ones. As successful as he is as a criminal though, he still tries to be a good husband, father and friend – but ended up as the most terrible in all 3 categories.
Actor: Bryan Cranston
Show: Breaking Bad


Michael Scofield

scofieldStructural Engineer, Prison Escapee
All criminals avoid being jailed because it would be hard and impossible to break out from. But Scofield is a radical, he commissioned a crime with the aim of being caught, in order to juxtapose his brother into the outside world. In order to pull it off, he needs a map and since he can’t bring one inside the prison halls, he aesthetically and cleverly have it tattooed from below his neck down to his waist. If it can’t be labeled as ‘impressively cool,’ then we can’t really know what is, anymore.
Actor: Wentworth Miller
Show: Prison Break



Dexter Morgan

dexterBlood Spatter Analyst, Serial Killer
Projecting the image of a mild-mannered geek, Dexter is the most unlikely suspect for any serial-killer manhunt. But unknown to his peers and family however, he is a bloodthirsty murderer who is very difficult to apprehend since he is very, very good in staging or nullifying crime scenes. He has a very strict moral code which he kept for many years. He eventually slipped from those and made bad choices, which brought his life into severe devastation.
Actor: Michael C. Hall
Show: Dexter



Francis Underwood

frankUS President, Manipulator, Murderer
There are small-time criminals, and then there are big time ones. Frank Underwood may just be declared as the biggest of them all, because he is the president of the most powerful nation on Earth. With a charisma and craftiness that can make nearly all kinds of people do his bidding, he can do almost any real-word output he can come up with. He is your unassuming and hardest-to-beat criminal that taking him down would require the strongest force of all.
Actor: Kevin Spacey
Show: House of Cards



Jackson Teller

jaxMechanic, Gun-runner, Outlaw
A young, good-looking family man, that’s what Jax Teller is. The word ‘family’ means so much for him, be it in metaphorical or in literal sense. He is willing to sacrifice his own life and self-worth, just so he can keep the people closest to him from all sorts of harm. He breaks the law, and will kill anyone… even if it’s his own mother, just to impose his brand of justice, and to uphold the greater good of the majority of his loved-ones.
Actor: Charlie Hunnam
Show: Sons of Anarchy



Anthony Soprano

tonyBusinessman, Mob Boss
Declared by many to be the first one that inspired a generation of TV antiheroes, Mr. Soprano is in fact the template used by many writers and actors whenever they want to come up with a ‘semi-good, semi-bad‘ type of character. Leading a notorious criminal group while being a businessman and a father as well, it seems like a hard life to balance. It’s so difficult indeed– he often failed in his acts of balancing it. What makes him cool and impressive at it, is the fact that he made his life and the people around him so colorful and dynamic… but bloody and difficult at the same time.
Actor: James Gandolfini
Show: The Sopranos


Lucas Hood

hoodTown Sheriff, Master Thief
Every compelling adventure should kick off with the same predictable element: a lost or broken love affair. This statement holds true for this ex-con who takes up the mantle of a murdered law enforcer. With his impressive skill set which he accumulated during his many criminal years, he lives in a small town in Pennsylvania, where he brings justice in his own unique way, hoping that he can still get back to the woman he holds dearest.
Actor: Anthony Starr
Show: Banshee



Malcolm Reynolds

malcomShip Captain, Space Pirate
The other guys on this list are heroes and perpetrators on a city or state-level. But with Malcolm Reynolds, one planet is too small, so he takes his crime-adventuring into an intergalactic level. In his journeys across worlds, he is a thief, a swindler and an atheist. Amazingly though, he has this great love for his crew, his friends and even for random strangers who may sometimes put his life and that of his team in great jeopardy.
Actor: Nathan Fillon
Show: Firefly



Enoch Thompson

nuckyBusinessman, Mob Boss
Characterized in the image of a real-life political boss, Nucky Thompson is a government-employee who manipulates people with his superb intellect and charm. When such a technique fails, he would then resort into brutality and murder. He adheres to some kind of Machavellian philosophy, though he hires some really bad people to perform the actual dirty deed. With his desire to be the best in the business of bootlegging, he allowed himself to transform into the highest form of ruthlessness to eliminate you, if you are a competitor.
Actor: Steve Buscemi
Show: Boardwalk Empire


Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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