Best Star Wars Supporting Character


They are part of the “wrecking crew”… that destroyed the chances of other film sagas to be hailed as the best there ever was. Star Wars continually proves that [it is the best] movie series and will take the most powerful forces to have it dethroned. The following are just side players created to dignify the lead characters of the greatest mythological saga of all time. Who among them is the best at it?

Obi Wan Kenobi

obiPresenting himself as a serious quiet man with a dry sense of humor, he strives to be worthy of being a member of the Jedi Order, and was very successful in achieving great honors and respect even from his superiors. He is careful to weigh the consequences of his actions and is always reluctant to get himself entangled with unnecessary conflicts that might transgress him from his true calling. He took upon the very crucial role of watching over Luke Skywalker and waited for the time for the young man to claim his destiny. Even in his elder years, Obi-Wan is considered a threat by even the most tyrannical entities of the galaxy.


Han Solo

hanNot knowing who his real parents were, he was raised by space gypsies who taught him the tricks of the trade about pirating the spaceways. Growing up as a happy-go-lucky, over-confident guy, he can be your formidable ally and last-minute rescuer. From mediocre and shabby beginnings, his reputation as a gunfighter matches the description of his being captain of the Millennium Falcon, believed to be the fastest ship in the Galaxy. Ever the foolhardy and reckless warrior, he is also surprisingly resourceful and courageous, always suitable for any mission or adventure.




yodaHis pastime is simple: seeing ever deeper into the infinite tapestry of the living vitality of the Force – the ultimate weapon of all the Jedi Knights. At almost 900 standard years of age, his generations of training and meditation bestowed upon him insight and profound abilities that are wider and deeper than any force practitioner. Spending only a very short time with the last Jedi Luke Skywalker, Yoda imparted the heart of the ancient Jedi Code that can be well declared as the last hope of the galaxy.





r2Built as a utility droid, or simply stated, just a machine for fixing other machines, R2 displays remarkable tenacity and improvisation to accomplish his tasks which sometimes include rescuing powerful Jedi Knights. As an Astromech droid, countless tools and mechanisms can easily spring into action under his hood, which could involve trickery and deception to the surprise of his enemies. Possessing a level of loyalty and dedication that very few humans can ever attain, this dome-shaped robot is never reluctant to risk damage or even destruction to help his masters and accomplish his missions.



Poe Dameron

poeIf you are the very best pilot of your time in the entire galaxy, you will most likely be ushered into the greatest group of people that would ensure its protection. That’s what happened to Poe Dameron, who got his share of facing warlords and deadly dark side force practitioners… and lived to tell of it. As an offspring of a former rebel that was instrumental to the end of the evil emperor’s rule, he became Princess Liea’s most trusted field agent. He is your next generation version of Han Solo with traits similar to Boba Fett. Poe can be called as a combination of both, which makes him worthy to be included in this list.



Boba Fett

fettHaving worked for both the galaxy’s government and with notorious crime lords, Fett is a mysterious bounty hunter armed with his own code of honor. He is known by his employers as an intelligent, ruthless and capable ally, one who is worthy to be given the most difficult and challenging assignments. Wearing a suit of armor that conceals a lot of weapons that would surprise even the most powerful warriors, he can be a bounty’s worst nightmare. His cool and calculating ways together with his hidden capabilities have brought him many “impossible” trophies and earned his reputation as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.



Qui-Gon Jinn

quiHe has risen to prominence within the order of the Jedi Knights and is well known by the masters of the council. However, in spite of his great track record, he is never given a seat within Jedi Council due to his bold and headstrong nature. He doesn’t it mind it that much though, for he made it clear that he prefers to be out in the field for the reason that maybe, he wants to channel his restlessness by being hands-on to galactic conflicts. The fact that he is unwavering in his beliefs pushed him into partaking with the tragic events that will eventually bring balance to the force, though it came delivered with a cost that’s too great for anyone.



chew“Chewie,” as his friends call him, originates from a planet called Kashyyykk. He was a slave there until the smuggler Han Solo rescued him. Teaming up with the guy to repay the traditional life debt of his ancestors, he became Han’s bestfriend and co-pilot. Chewie enjoys a good battle and likes the adventures that Solo gets them into. Occasionally, he also acts as his partner’s conscience when Han gets a bit too barbaric and reckless. Chewie’s temper coupled with Han’s ego may get them into trouble, but the two of them always know when to blast the obstacles and when to run.



Darth Maul

maulAs the first Sith Lord to ever come out after two thousand years, Darth Maul is one of the most highly trained dark side wielders in history. Focusing on tactical and physical abilities, he serves his master with utmost obedience, knowing that his time for domination and strategic wisdom will come. Carrying a double-bladed lightsaber makes him equal to two or more Jedi Knights who are unprepared for his powers. As evidenced by his tattooed face and athletic body, he has surrendered his entire being into the blackest avenues of the dark side and has breathed and lived with it for nearly all of his existence.



Lando Calrissian

landoHe is the administrator of a city in the clouds– a position he attained by being an excellent con-artist and gambler. As a close friend and occasional rival of Han Solo, he amassed his wealth as a daring smuggler and through his natural business skills. Having become a fugitive from the Empire, he was forced into action once again, when his rebel friend required his help. With his contacts within the galactic underworld, he easily got the resources he needed to give out such a kind of help, although it forced him to evict himself from cloud city. Grown beyond his self-centered past, Lando still found adventure as he offered his hoodlum skills to a greater and more noble cause.


Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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