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top ten best special forces

They  are very good at being stealthy and lethal that we may just easily resort to calling them as the ninjas of the modern generation. Unless you were a victim of a hostage or terrorism crisis, it is least likely that you have seen them in real-life action. This means most of us can only assess them from the movies and from the news. Which do you think among these special force groups is the most proficient?

Green Beret

greenberetWith the primary mission of training and leading unconventional warfare forces, the Green Beret warriors are a clandestine guerrilla force although they are widely featured in both video and print media. Having been deployed in various countries and in plenty of wars already since its inception more than 60 years ago, the guys who had the honor of wearing the special green headgear are the bane of many terrorists and warlords and will most likely remain as such even in the next generations.
Country: USA
Founded: 1952



sasFounded even before World War II broke out and refurbished to near perfection after it did, the Special Air Service of Britain is said to be the group that established the term ‘special force‘ which was adapted also by other countries of the world. Due to the effectiveness of SAS, other countries in the Commonwealth bracket recognized their need for similar units. This makes it clear that these British actioners are lethal and deadly inasmuch as they are highly respected, imitated and modeled upon by other special force units that came after them.
Country: England
Founded: 1941



spetsnazAs an umbrella term for all the special force units in all of the Soviets, Spetsnaz is special-soldiers team of toughies that are in a high-level of heroics though they are often depicted in movies as super-villains. Even after the breaking up of the Soviet Union, the group took part in many local conflict with high tactical efficiency such as the Civil war in Tajikistan, Chechen Wars, Russo-Georgian War and the Crimea Crisis. We may have been programmed to believe that they are bad guys, but in reality, they have saved countless lives that made the northern part of the world safer and more livable.
Country: Russia
Founded: 1950



gsg9Established as a sector for counter-terrorism, this special police force came into existence due to an Olympic event that went awry. Deployed in cases of hostage-taking, kidnapping and extortion, a typical GSG9 member is by default, very efficient and lethal in tracking down fugitives, neutralizing targets and securing critical locations. Occasionally, they also conduct sniper operations which display their high proficiency in marksmanship. At the SWAT World Challenge in 2005, GSG9 won eight out of eight events, beating 17 other teams. This gives justice to the words of one Israeli commander who described GSG9 as “The best anti-terrorist group in the world.”
Country: Germany
Founded: 1973


Sayeret Matkal

sayeretThis unit is said to be the Israeli version of USA’s Delta Force and the UK’s SAS. Within its hierarchy, other special force units are also working in conjunction which furthered the strength of the Jewish people’s army. Although known as a relatively young nation, Israel successfully concocted this highly proficient special force which was known to be the author of the most effective hostage-rescue techniques that many police units are using all over the world. Israel is a very small nation, but they are one of the most unbeatable in terms of warfare due to the toughness of their warriors… and the Sayerets are the testament to attest to this.
Country: Israel



marcosThey are capable of engaging operations in all types of terrain. Because of this, the force has gradually acquired a reputation for professionalism and respect over the three decades of its existence. As a component of the Naval Force of India, its main focus is on amphibious warfare, close quarter combat counter-terrorism, and special reconnaissance. With a drop out rate of 90% any MARCOS aspirant should really think twice of enlisting since making it through is extremely difficult. It’s one of the main reasons why they are widely feared among terrorists, who call them the “Bearded Army.” The moniker is due to their bearded disguise which makes them look like terrorists themselves. In effect, this make them harness the element of surprise more effectively.
Country: India
Founded: 1987



gignFormed as a response to the Munich Massacre, it was brought into prominence after its successful assault on a hijacked Air France flight in December 1994. Since its creation, GIGN has been involved in over 1,800 missions and rescued more than 600 hostages, making it one of the most experienced counter-terrorism units in the world. Because of its added specializations on surveillance of national threats, protection of government officials, and targeting organized crime, it offers more than what typical police units in the world have been giving. Why they’re so good at what they do could be due to their motto that states: “To enlist for life, and to save lives without regard to one’s own.”
Country: France
Founded: 1974



ssgRecognized by some world leaders and other special force units as well for their bravery and tenacity, the members of the SSG are warriors who don’t rely on weapons and tactics alone but on a highly motivated mindset as well. To further enhance their level of proficiency and effectiveness, they are known to work in collaboration with other special units in the world, most notably the Turkish and the Chinese. They are notable for their clever tactical methods such as planting special agents in many civic and government establishments which serve as informants. With physical and mental drills that are modeled after the Green Berets, they are often referred as the “Maroon Berets.”
Country: Pakistan
Founded: 1956



jtf2Even though it is considered as one of the most elite forces of its kind in the world, much of the information regarding Joint Task Force 2 is classified, and is not commented on by the Canadian government. Serving as the main hub of the country’s special operations, JTF2 is mainly commissioned for counter-terrorism operations but also specializes in foreign internal defense, direct action, and personnel recovery. They are referred in a variety of pop culture aspects that include novels and video games. Why they are recognized in such art forms is undoubtedly due to their tactical efficiency which are also respected a lot by some US special forces personnel who regarded JTF2 as a globally competitive unit– a top list necessity in world security issues.
Country: Canada
Founded: 1993


Eko Cobra

ekoWith only more than a thousand operatives for almost 40 years, Eko is indeed a special team because of the very small number of soldiers that it has trained and successfully knighted. Unlike most special forces which only focuses on a certain specialization, this one trains its members in various categories like sniping, parachuting, weaponless combat, and multi-vehicle proficiency. Like any other special force units in the world, Eko Cobra also deals with typical terrorism and homeland security issues. But it has accomplished one grand achievement that no other special force has ever achieved: ending a hijacking while the plane is still on the air on October 17, 1996
Country: Austria
Founded: 1978

Which among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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