Best One-Hit Wonder Artist

top ten one hit wonder artists

They are the artists who had a shot of great fame, but haven’t managed to hold on to it long enough. Nevertheless, they are still very talented. So talented in fact that we can’t help but wonder how on earth did their fame vanish so easily. So who do you think among these herd is the best there ever was? Who is the best one-hit wonder artist?

Billy Ray Cyrus

cyrusAs the father of Hannah Montana superstar Miley Cyrus, he became a worldwide sensation when his album that contains his most popular song reached triple Platinum status in Australia, the first to attain such an achievement in that country. He is quite aware of his 1-hit wonder status, but that doesn’t stop him from performing actively, even up to these times.
From: Kentucky, USA
Years Active: 1989–Present
Genre: Country
Wonder hit: Achy Breaky Heart


Right Said Fred

saidfredAlso called by both the fans and the media as ‘The Fairbrass Brothers,’ this sibling tandem is known as one of Britain’s most unforgettable acts. Why? Because their only hit song – has become an anthem, be it for self-worship or for simply defining beauty itself, nobody can really choose to tell.
From: East Grinstead, England
Genres: Pop, Europop, dance-pop
Years active: 989–present
Members: Richard Fairbrass, Fred Fairbrass
Wonder hit: I’m Too Sexy



chumbWith a career that spanned for 3 decades, anyone can argue whether this band is fit to be on this list at all. Known for their socio-political motifs that are evident in their music, the band did in fact make its mark in the British and world music scene, though they are still relatively unknown except for their danceable rock song.
From: Lancashire, England
Genres: Anarcho-punk, Pop-rock, folk
Years active: 1980–2012
Members: Boff Whalley, Danbert Nobacon, Lou Watts, Dunstan Bruce, Alice Nutter, Harry Hamer, Dave Dillon, Paul Greco, Jude Abbott, Neil Ferguson, Phil Moody, Matthew Surina
Wonder hit: Tubthumping


nenaGerman artists are seldom recognized as global sensations but she broke through that stereotyping when she released her album in the 1982, with a re-recording in 2002. Apart from being an outstanding vocalist, she is also a comedian and an actress – endeavors that compensated for her being a 1-hit wonder in the field of music.
From: North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany
Genres: Neue Deutsche Welle, new wave, synthpop, pop, punk rock
Years active: 1979–present
Wonder hit: 99 Luftballoons


The Knack

knackIf you are an avid radio listener, it would be impossible for you to miss the name ‘Sharona.’ Such a name brought them enormous success. Although they suffered a backlash against Beatles fans due to some album-cover dispute which might have hindered further fame, The Knack is still one of the best short-famed bands in history.
From:  California, USA
Genres: Power pop, new wave
Years active: 1978–2010
Members: Berton Averre, Doug Fieger, Bruce Gary, Prescott Niles
Wonder hit: My Sharona


Carl Douglas

douglasHis hit single which discusses about martial arts catapulted itself to the number 1 charts of both the UK Singles and US Billboard, which made the song one of the best selling singles of all time. Carl has no other known mainstream song, but his only hit has become the anthem of people who greatly love martial-arts movies.
From: Kingston, Jamaica
Genre: Pop Rock
Years active: 1974 – 1998
Wonder hit: Kung Fu Fighting


Los Del Rio

delrioOriginally formed in 1962, this Spanish duo has a unique attainment of worldwide success – they only got it 30 years later. Their name which means “Those from the River,” actually fits them – their music flowed into the hearts of dance music lovers all over the world, and planted upon them nourishing flowers of success.
From: Seville, Spain
Genres: Latin pop, Latin dance, Sevillanas
Years active: 1962–present
Wonder hit: Macarena



Vanilla Ice

iceIn a genre popularized by dark-skinned guys, this white-skinned fella tried his luck and attained success on it. His famous rap song created other opportunities for him: acting, TV hosting and record-producing. Not too well-known anymore these days, it can’t be ignored that he unleashed a unique brand of music and fashion style in the early 90’s.
From: Texas, USA
Genres: Hip hop, rap rock, nu metal, rap metal
Years active: 1985–present
Wonder hit: Ice Ice Baby



Toni Basil

toniOriginally a dancer by training, she shifted her career path which led her into singing instead. Having decided to include dance elements in her portrayals, she was able to popularize the song that became a staple for cheering squads all over the world. She is also an actress and a filmmaker – proofs that her life in general is never a 1-hit wonder.
From: Pennsylvania, U.S.
Genres: Pop, new wave
Years active: 1964–present
Wonder hit: Mickey



The New Radicals

radicalsThey only had one album, which had a carrier single that insulted a lot of music celebrities. It was a minor spectacle though compared to the level of fame that the song itself brought into the band. Though the group shortly disbanded due to their leader’s decision of focusing on helping other artists, they are considered to be one of the most melodic alternative bands in history.
From: California, USA
Genres: Jazz rock, alternative rock, blue eyed soul
Years active: 1997–1999
Wonder hit: You Get What You Give


Who among them should be ranked as No. 1?

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