About Us

Top 10 lists flock the internet – lists that rate who’s who and what’s what in any imaginable category.  But when you see a typical site that feature top tens, all you can do is read how the items are sequenced and you can’t do anything about it but argue with the author or other commentators therein about why such a certain item is not number one, or why is something that’s supposed to be in the bottom is placed on the top instead.

We here in Spectalist acknowledge the ugliness of such a scenario and decided to do something different. Written here are short-worded, easy to digest articles that feature top ten lists of categories that you often hear in pop-culture, sports, world issues and even mysticism. The items featured are unnumbered, signifying that it’s up to the readers to decide who or what should be ranked as the best or the worst, by typing their choice(s) in the comment section.

Of course, no top ten list is ever truly satisfactory, and we acknowledge the fact that it’s impossible to come up with a set of items that can really make everyone happy. If you want for a certain top 10 or for a certain item to be featured, you may leave your suggestions here.

Reader, what are you waiting for? A lot of top tens are waiting for you to digest! Have a great time, and Godspeed.

Site authors:

Jai Dalumpines – darkuswalk@gmail.com

Gideon Dalumpines – giftarist@gmail.com